The performance of JEEC-AN rests on the training aspects, information, technical support and the identification and establishment of the means and instruments to access the function and development of business activity.
Monthly stipend to support the entrepreneur
The entrepreneur will be entitled to a monthly support scholarship for 12 months to develop your business.
Award best business idea
The best business idea will be entitled to a prize of € 2,500, taking into account factors such as innovation and originality.
General free workshops
Free participation in general workshops on the market context and the subject, entrepreneurship and management of emotions.
Guidance to entrepreneur
Advice to the entrepreneur legal level, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing.
Benchmarking the business sectors
Search best practices in the area where the entrepreneur create your business: Architecture, Design and Advertising and Software.
Free specific workshops
Free participation in specific character of workshops in the areas of Architecture, Design and Advertising, and Software.
Tertúlias with professionals
Informal and dynamic meetings with professionals from the sectors of Architecture, Design and Advertising, and software for knowledge sharing.
Mentoring for business plan
Tutoring in drawing up the business plan, which will guide the entrepreneur's activities as well as its efficiency.
Free strategic workshops
Free participation in strategic character of workshops on the topic of internationalization and business financing support.